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Why us

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Kalpavriksha Infotech genuinely invests in you: we invest in the best people, the latest technology and the

utmost commitment into your business aspirations. We focus on understanding every aspect of your

company and on continuously providing the kind of expert insight and counsel that will maximize your

bottom line.

At Kalpavriksha Infotech, everything we say and do is anchored in two primary guiding principles: Superior Client Support and Unmatched Client Experience.
There are a number of traits that make Kalpavriksha Infotech the company of choice for business process outsourcing; our experience as a client is what truly sets us apart!
Kalpavriksha Infotech believes in the power of strategic partnership: we leverage the experiences and expertise of other industry professionals to enhance the benefits we provide to our clients.


We envision as a diversified yet integrated business that takes care of the organization on the whole and to become thebestbusiness solution provider in the market.

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A-115A Pul Pehlad Pur, New Delhi – 110044 India

Tel: 09873929030, 08800886504
Email: info@kalpavrikshainfotech.in