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Miracle of Jogipura

In September 1657, Shah Jahan fell ill. The prognosis was so unoptimistic that the rumors had it that the emperor was dead.. His sons,Dara Shikoh was 43, Shah Shuja 41, Aurangzeb 39 and Murad 33. All of them were governors of various provinces: Dara was the governor of Punjab, Murad of Gujrat, Aurangzeb of the Deccan and Shah Shuja of Bengal. Two of them emerged clear frontrunners in the battle for the throne quite early: Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb was with doubt the ablest of Shah Jahan's sons and a clear favorite for the throne.His credentials both in battle and administration were legendary. He was also an orthodox Muslim of the oldest school possible, which made him a hot favorite with the clergy. So with suspicion and rumours ruling the day and power having the last laugh, Emperor Aurangzeb was the most amused of them all. 



Dargah Najaf-e-Hind Jogipura ,inside view of Roza Imam Ali


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