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In September 1657, Shah Jahan fell ill. The prognosis was so unoptimistic that the rumors had it that the emperor was dead..

His sons,Dara Shikoh was 43, Shah Shuja 41, Aurangzeb 39 and Murad 33. All of them were governors of various provinces: Dara was the governor of Punjab, Murad of Gujrat, Aurangzeb of the Deccan and Shah Shuja of Bengal. Two of them emerged clear frontrunners in the battle for the throne quite early: Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb. 
Aurangzeb was with doubt the ablest of Shah Jahan's sons and a clear favorite for the throne. His credentials both in battle and administration were legendary. He was also an orthodox Muslim of the oldest school possible, which made him a hot favorite with the clergy. 

So with suspicion and rumours ruling the day and power having the last laugh, Emperor Aurangzeb was the most amused of them all.
Within a year he had all his brothers killed, father permanently in custody in the Agra Fort (where he hung on for eight years before dying in 1666) and was firmly entrenched on the Mughal throne. 
While Emperor Shah Jahan was permanently in custody in the Agra Fort (where he hung on for eight years before dying in 1666) , And Emperor Aurangzeb took the charge of Emperor ship.
One of the most  daring and powerful army commander of Emperor Shah Jahan was Dada Raju (r.a.) of Jogirampura, Bijnor, U.P. He was against Emperor Aurangzeb for his cruel treatment to Emperor Shah Jahan. Most of the armymen  had not accepted Aurangzeb as an Emperor. Aurangzeb started searching and executing those Army commanders who were very Honest & Loyal to Emperor Shahjahan. Dada Raju came back direct from his post to his village to save his life from Emperor Aurangzeb. And he told his family and villagers all about the Emperor. Dada Raju (r.a.) was a very respected & Spiritual personality of Jogirampura.People loved him for his kindness towards the poor and large heartedness. They were very alert regarding threat to his life and did all what they could to ensure safety.

Dada Raju spent most of the time in the forest near his village and recited Naad-e-Ali and Ya Ali Adrikni. The time was moving very fast, and this brought the army of Emperor Aurangzeb to Jogirampura to search for Dada Raju.

One day at the forest a farmer(A Hindu Brahman) came to cut some grass. The farmer was  very old his eyes were very weak.
A Beautiful Young Man riding on a horse came near to the farmer and asked where is Dada Raju r.a. He told the farmer to tell Dada Raju that whom he had was calling had come. The Old man said that since he was very weak ,old and cant see,hence it wont be possible to go. Then Hazrat Ali a.s. looked him nicely in his eyes, The farmer said i feel an spiritual power in me the i feel like young and i can see very clearly from my eyes. Then Hazrat Ali a.s. Said go by running and call Dada Raju r.a., I am waiting for him, 

When he reached to Dada Raju and explained him every thing that happened to him briefly. Dada Raju r.a. Immediately understood and thought of Hazrat Ali a.s.  He ran from the house towards forest, while seeing him run, Villagers thought the Army  had come to arrest him. Villagers started running behind Dada Raju r.a., he waved his hand, and ran faster towards forest, when he reached that placed at one spot he saw the foot of horse where Hazrat Ali a.s. had stood.

Dada Raju & all the villagers of Jogirampura covered that place and came back to their houses, He  sat on that Place Where Hazrat Ali a.s Came, continuously for 7 Days Without Water And food, With Reciting Yaa Ali Adrikni, And After 7 Days Hazrat Ali a.s. Came To Dada Raju r.a and said “don't worry about Aurangzeb no one will touch you, you are safe from them.”
Dada Raju r.a. Said Aaka I Want Some Blessing Of Yours for Everyone here. 
it is reported that three miracles happened-
1. Milk Come from The Ground
2. Water Well With Very Good Smell. 
3. Mud where Hazrat Ali a.s. Stood
Dargah Aliya Najaf-E-Hind

Dargah Aliya Najaf-E-Hind at Jogirampura is a hospital of Spiritual Diseases. People come to Jogirampura for  ziyarat of that place they get Shifa in the sadka of Maula Ali a.s.
This is an love & Respect to Dada Raju from Hazrat Ali a.s. That first see my Beloved ones then come to me


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Over night Journey from Delhi

Train - Mussurie Express - Delhi to Najibabad.

After reaching Najibabad, take cycle rickshaw, Ask him to drop RAIPUR bus stand, hardly 10 min distance from railway station. There are frequent bus to Jogipura, its 14 KM from najibabad. After reaching Jogipura, its walking distance or you may take Rickshaw, it will drop directly there.

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