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  • Banking organizations are increasingly relying on services provided by other entities to support a range of banking operations. Outsourcing of information & transaction processing activities, either to affiliated institutions or third-party service providers, may help banking organizations manage data processing and related personnel costs, improve services, or obtain expertise not available internally. Saimax Technologies provides an end-to-end solution for consistent and performance-oriented services within our Clients’ finance functions. State-of-the-art technology and industry-leading voice & transaction processing applications enable the speed and reliability of our operations, while our well-trained associates ensure consistent, goal-oriented service delivery.
    Financial Planning, Cost Effective Programs, Customer Data Security, Customer Awareness, Financial Consulting, Infrastructure Support are key factors in Banking Industry recently. Financial Business Model is the key factor to sustain a proper relation between customer & financial institutions. Financial Institutions are not just limited to customer base but have increased the coverage network of support in many other fields. We have provided desired results to our clients with Optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk & sustained cost leadership.  Our Banking and Financial Services practice is built on strong domain competencies and industry best practices spanning Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Capital markets.