Welcome to Saimax

  • We, Saimax Technologies, proudly announce our success being leaders of providing technology based services to business process outsourcing organizations. Whether you need full time or part time business process outsource services at affordable rates from offshore delivery centers in India. We have consistently provided technology based services to many organizations on grounds of our technology & process expertise with innovative management. We service clients in Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Communications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Packaged goods, Travel Industry and Energy & Utilities across the globe.
    At Saimax Technologies, we provide cost effective, efficient, quality & strategy based solutions to enhance outputs for our clients to increase business values. Our emphasis is on developing flexible platforms that allow our clients to rapidly implement business processes with minimal capital outlays.
    Our agenda is living with a concept of evolving with technology evolution which should lead to profits & clients commitments. Our unique management is flexible to unleash collective force to deliver enterprise transformation. They work behind the picture and start revolutions. Our constant endeavor is to design and implement solutions for a wide variety of business processes, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. In essence, we are the trusted custodians of our client’s brand. ¬†With a growing global footprint, our services are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India.



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