5 .Pipe Bending Machine: 

pipe bending

We offer Pipe Bending Machine with 76mm – 129mm Bending Pipe Size with Pipe Thickness up to 4mm. It comes in following Bending Sizes of Pipe (Dia). 76mm, 89mm, 100mm, 114mm, 120mm, 129mm.


6.Induction Furnace Machine:

    We offer Induction Melting Furnace Machine to melt Steel, Copper, Gold, Silver & Aluminum products. It comes in 1KG – 150KG with following Models:

    induction furnance machine

  • MYZ-15KW
  • MYZ-25KW
  • MYZ-35KW
  • MYZ-50KW
  • MYZ-70KW
  • MYZ-90KW
  • MYZ-110KW
  • MYZ-160KW


7. Induction Heating Machine:

    We offer Induction Heating Machine with output Power 15KW – 160 KW . It comes with following Models:

    induction heating machine

  • MY-15KW
  • MY-25KW
  • MY-30KW
  • MY-40KW
  • MY-50KW
  • MY-60KW
  • MY-80KW
  • MY-100KW
  • MY-120KW
  • MY-160KW


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