Equipment Sale & Rental

Medical science has taken a vast leap for the benefit of mankind. As a result life expectancy has increased across the globe. But can we attribute it entirely to the developments in medical science? No! They have been complemented by advances in "care giving" techniques and equipment.

Medical science can save the patient's life but proper care leads to a faster recovery. Care giving techniques often require hi-tech, expensive medical equipment. Many of these equipments can even help in saving the life of critical patients. Most of these equipments are expensive & they are often needed for a few days or weeks thus buying them do not make much sense even if one can afford them. Taking this need of mankind in to consideration B.L. SERVICES has emerged as a "Category definer" & has started renting out expensive medical equipment for home use at affordable rentals. All the equipments are also available for sale as per the need of patients & caregivers. Apart from renting & selling of medical equipments;B.L. also offers few additional services like Nursing/ Attendant services, home dressing services, snoring analysis & buy back option for used medical equipments. B.L.'s mission is to bring expensive care giving & life saving techniques in common man's reach thus improving the quality of life of the "sick, disabled, old & infirm". Our endeavor is to bring more smiles & satisfaction to patients as well as their caregivers & family members.